President's Message - Indian Society for Sleep Research

Dear All,

On behalf of the Indian Society for Sleep Research (ISSR), I extend my heartiest Greetings for the season 2017. The year 2017 is very special for ISSR. This year we are celebrating 25 years of our society during September 20-23, 2017 in GOA, one of the most coveted tourist destinations. We are organizing many scientific programme and social events to make this silver jubilee celebration memorable.

I extend a warm welcome to this historical event in large numbers.

Please block your dates as per the programme given below.

Indian Society for Sleep Research celebrates 25 years
September 20-23, 2017, International Centre, Panaji, Goa
Date Event Organizing Secretary
September 20, 2017 National Sleep Technology Course Dr H N Mallick
September 21, 2017 National Sleep Medicine Course Dr Karuna Datta
September 22-23, 2017 ISSR Silver Jubilee Congress Dr Bindu M Kutty
Please visit for registration to all events this year

With the continued clinical leadership provided by Dr Deepak Shrivastava from California, and faculty support from USA, Japan and India, the ISSR had been hosting National Sleep Medicine Course (NSMC), every year since 2006. This year the course (NSMC 2017) will be exclusively organized by American Association of Sleep Physicians of Indian origin. Also ISSR is committed in continuing 'The National Sleep Technology Course' in the line of NSMC every year.

I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the entire overseas and national faculty and the regional organizers of NSMC and NSTC courses and Editor of 'Sleepwatching India' for their constant support and sacrifice for carrying forward this mission of ISSR.

ISSR had been providing international recognition and exposure to Indian scientists through its adherence to ASRS and the international body the "World Sleep Society". I am happy to inform that ISSR is an associate member of newly formed World Sleep Society.

I want to emphasize and reinforce that ISSR was first to start in 2012 'International Sleep Medicine Board Certification Examination' in India with the support from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and later on by the World Sleep Federation. The examination is conducted online every year. I hope more clinicians will be benefitted from this certification programme in future. The names of the certified Indian sleep specialists are now displayed at World Sleep Society. Please visit

The ISSR has instituted Budur Krishna Murthy Travel Award and Budur Krishna Murthy Young Investigator Award from the year 2014 onwards for young scientists and clinicians to attend ISSR Conference.

The ISSR has launched its newsletter and literature updates named "Sleepwatching India and Sleep Medicine Update respectively" designed and edited by Dr Tripat Deep Singh since 2015. ISSR has undertaken Sleep Clinic/Laboratory accreditation programme in order to streamline and strengthen quality sleep medicine care in the country.

The biggest achievement of the year for ISSR is launch of its journal "Sleep and Vigilance". It is an International Journal of Basic, Translational and Clinical Research edited by R. Gupta and S.R. Pandi-Perumal and published by Springer Nature.ISSN: 2510-2265 (electronic version) Journal no. 41782. Please visit

Hrudananda Mallick, MD, PhD
President, ISSR

ISSR-WSF certified Sleep Specialists

ISSR-WSF certified Sleep Technicians

NSMC Academic Faculty

Sleep Clinic/Laboratory Accreditation Programme

Sleep Technician Certification Examination
September 22, 2018

ISSR Silver Jubilee Congress
September 20-23, 2017
International Centre, GOA

7th National Sleep Technology Workshop
September 21, 2018

National Sleep Medicine Course 2018
September 22-23, 2018

India Sleep 2018
September 21-23, 2018